General rules:

1. We are here to race, have fun, make new friends and  waste time.

2. If you have a bad attitude, have to win on the first lap, or think we race for thousands of dollars        this probably isn't the  place for you.

3. We don't have millions of dollars invested in our cars, its still a (Sim) game. I do know                        frustration So if you have a issue with someone we can chat about it with all parties  involved.

4. Have fun and try to race clean!.

5. Chat can be in the game radio until feature time, then its no talking till race is over. we also              may use discord, (a free D/L).​     Keep the chat clean, I know words slip, but don't make it a             habit.

6. Do not threaten, cuss or be disrespectful , your radio will be turned off, and you could  be                  banned. 

Racing Rules:

1. Race clean, drive how you want to be driven. You are not going to win on the first lap.

2. If you need a black flag cleared, ask over the in game radio and a admin will clear it. If you ask        or a black flag cleared and it shows in the replay ( EX. you are doing  75mph in pits, you will be        penalized)

3. We use qualify, heat racing to set the field for a feature. 

4. Previous weeks winner starts in the rear in the following weeks feature

​5. Some drivers use "Trading Paints", Custom skins are not mandatory, as some drivers just use          game paint.

6. Races that are fixed sets, will utilized the Iracing base set for that specific track we are      racing.

7. Intentionally or not spinning another driver on the last lap gets you a D/Q for the night.


1. 20 
2. 19
​3. 18
4. 17
5. 16
6. 14
7. 13
8. 12
9. 11.
10 thru 15 =10
15 thru 20 = 5 

Ties are broken by number of wins, 2nds, etc..