General Rules for Carolina Dirt Racing Series: all leagues
1. This is only a game that simple, its meant to be fun. We are here to have fun, make friends, and pass the  time by. If you feel the need to cheat or think this is real life then you need to get a life.
2.  DSL or higher internet only,
3. We use Team Speak which is a free program that allows us to talk, You can download it from teamspeak .com
4. IF you dont understand something, need help, just ask someone or email me.
5. NO Cussing, Threats, being a smartass, or childish behavior. If u have a piss poor attitude or anger mangement problem this is not the place for u to race.
5a. If u break rule 5, u will be banned off teamspeak and barred from the CDRS
6. Meet in drivers chat or on team speak 10 mins prior to race time
7. If u want to dispute a race decision or a finish u need to let a official know by email immediately after the race.
8. If you compete in 3 or less events in a series (season) you will not be allowed to compete in the final event of the  series (season).
9. Race how u want to be raced, If you drive rough, careless, or think I have to get to the front on 1 lap, then u will be raced that way. Its a game, Yes, but there is a way to race and have fun and not piss everyone off. Also refer to rule #1.
Racing Rules
1. Skins-- {Car paint jobs} ,We use our own CDRS custom skins, If u want to race we can help u get ur own skin done. let us know
2. Do not spin someone out, if its on the final lap of a race intentionall or not u will be D/Qed.
3. If u crash out of a race, pull to infield, pits, or stay on the inside line of the track and yeild to cars that are still in competition.
4. NO backwards driving, cutting through infield, or cutting turns. Penality- dq'ed and banned from CDRS racing
5. its recomended that each driver save their replay,
6. qualifying,heat races, and inversions determines start postions
7. Feature winner starts following weeks  feature in last postion. Race night feature winner starts next feature in next to last spot..
8. 1 group caution per feature, if you call the caution you go to rear, leader can restart race coming off turn 4 when field is reset.
9. Some times we use a manual pace lap to start race, speed is 45 mph. Pole driver starts the race and will be told where he can start on track by race admin.
10. No passing before start/finish line at the beginning of race. Do not lay back and get a run stay in line and keep it tight.

Rules will be added or adjusted by CDRS officials as needed

To sign up just email me @
Points scale

1.   50
2.   45   
3.   40
4.   35
5.    30
6.    25
7.    20
8.    15
9.    10
10-14 = 7
15-20 = 5